Those who bear us are worth all of our love. For this reason, we
are doing everything we can for the well-being of the feet - since

Welcome at GEHWOL.

Enter your foot wellbeing zone

Welcome at GEHWOL

What began more than 150 years ago with the development of remedies for foot problems and helped the first foot care cream for home use to great market success 138 years ago has now made GEHWOL the best-known foot care brand by far in Germany. The tradition from the beginnings still holds true: “Everything for the well-being of the feet”. Today, the Gerlach name stands for more than 150 years of foot care competence – a background of experience in which both consumers and foot care experts put their trust when choosing their preparations, instruments and devices. You can find our products in the specialist trade - with foot specialists and at pharmacies. For we are convinced that expert advisers and therapists have the knowledge and empathy to bring people closer to the joy of beautiful, well groomed and healthy feet. Read more about us here.