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Foot Enthusiasts

Out of love for foot care

The GEHWOL name has always stood for expertise and reliability in foot care. Only the best is good enough for us.

Eine Quelle purer Feuchtigkeit

A source of pure moisture

Water is the source of life. Humans and nature alike would be in poor shape without the moisture from the springs of this earth. The skin needs water too. Thoroughly supplied with moisture, it feels supple and well groomed. Quadruple pure moisture with the GEHWOL med Express foam. The 4-times HYDRO-complex boosts moisture to affected skin areas at express speed. Are your feet thirsty?


GEHWOL med Sensitive

GEHWOL med Sensitive

GEHWOL med Sensitive Itching, burning and redness are signs of sensitive skin which tends to become inflamed. The natural skin barrier is disturbed. Bacteria, fungi and allergens are more easily able to penetrate the skin. The skin is irritated and reacts with irritation. It needs regular care and protection. GEHWOL med® Sensitive which was developed specifically for the needs of sensitive skin.

Für jede Anforderung die richtige Lösung

The right solution for every need

Dry skin, callus, foot fungus, sweaty feet or the right wellness product for stressed feet. We have the right product for the different skin problems, but also for your wishes and needs.