Hygiene in the practice

Hygiene management in the practice

Hygiene measures are part of the standard routine for foot specialists, and provide a secure feeling - rightfully so. For sensitive foot treatments are associated with a risk of infection for all involved persons. After all, who wants to constantly think about the transmission risk of bacteria or fungi when one's customer requires your full attention? Wearing gloves in particular protects you at work, and also protects the customer against transmission of pathogens via tiny skin wounds. This allows you to focus on your work. But hand protection means even more.


Starting work:

Washing your hands Before starting work at the practice, one should lather up a pH-neutral washing lotion with lukewarm water and thoroughly wash one's hands. Then carefully dry the hands with a disposable towel.


Disinfecting your hands

The Employers' Liability Insurance Association for Health Service and Welfare Work recommends that foot specialists should disinfect their dry hands before and after every treatment. Note the manufacturer's instruction for the application period. Also, remember the fingertips and spaces between the fingers. Thorough disinfection can be achieved, for example, with STERILIUM GEL pure, which is also especially suitable for sensitive skin. After the treatment, contact with pathogens may occur when removing the gloves. Therefore the hands should be disinfected again after removing the gloves.


Putting on gloves

Even though some foot specialists complain about an impaired sense of touch during work, wearing gloves should therefore be natural. If the foot care pro has even a small wound, pathogens from the patient gain easy entry - or the patient may draw the short straw. And small skin injuries that can allow microbes to enter can also occur during the treatment. Using gloves reduces these risks considerably. Regardless of visible contamination, use a new pair after every treatment. Only
disposable gloves are allowed for use in the practice. And the corresponding wall bracket makes it possible to dispense gloves very simply and hygienically. This reduces the risk of contamination.


After work: disposal

At the end of every work day, thoroughly disinfect the hands and then apply a skin care product. If the gloves are contaminated, i.e. if they have come into contact with blood or other body secretions, it is necessary to dispose of them in a sealed bag. Now you're ready for a peaceful evening.


Remember skin care

A skin care product should be applied after every hand washing and before wearing gloves for longer periods, since both may impair the skin's barrier function. Lipids and moisture are easily lost here. Care products such as
GERLASAN hand cream can restore the needed substances to the skin. Apply sufficient cream and massage it in thoroughly, including the spaces between the fingers, sides of the fingers, nail edges, fingertips, thumbs and wrists. The cream should be fully absorbed before applying gloves or disinfecting hands.

Our recommendation for a cleaning and disinfection plan at the practice

Our recommendation provides an overview of all necessary measures for cleaning and disinfection - from the elements of standard hygiene to the type of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, to cleaning work clothing and disposing of waste.