pressure relief


Those who are on their feet a lot, stand for long periods or have foot pain know the soothing effects of proper relief. Affected persons long for a relaxing feel-good effect which boosts a positive attitude to life. Suitable pressure relief relieves and relaxes.

Feet are the most strongly used part of our body. Their complicated bone structure compensates for uneven ground, obstacles, pressure and shear forces acting on the feet. The foot has a typical arch construction. Together with the sophisticated arrangement of the foot bones, this can buffer considerable loads and high pressure levels. But constantly wearing wrong shoes or permanent foot malpositions often cause problems that may become very painful. Correct pressure relief helps - between the toes, on the pads, frontal foot or heel. Polymer gel has proven itself as an especially good material for pressure relief articles due to its wearing comfort, stability, elasticity, resetting ability, long service life and resilience.

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