Vegan. With us, too.

Those who love vegan cosmetics can find them at GEHWOL. Altogether 54 formulas from the extensive product range are free of animal ingredients.


About one million people in Germany live as vegans. This means that they avoid foods produced by or from animals. Many vegans take this further than diet. They have long been giving attention to other life areas as well, such as skin care. GEHWOL is ready for this new awareness. One vegan product, for example, is the GEHWOL Soft Feet Care Bath. On the other hand, products such as GEHWOL med Express Care Foam with quadruple HYDRO Complex and our GERLASAN balance Hand Cream are entirely suitable for the vegan trend.

A list of all products with vegan formulations is available here. The other GEHWOL formulations contain only substances from living animals if at all, such as lanolin (woolwax), or extracts of milk, silk or honey.

Products with vegan formulas


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