Exercise demands a lot from our feet. Even when jogging, they bear four to six times our body weight. Therefore athletes are very familiar with skin problems. Blisters are especially feared. This is usually due to excessively tight shoes or resistance in the shoes, such as seams or stones.

Pros therefore practice prevention with a protective salve. Foot fungus is another problem. The risk of fungal infections is especially high for athletes, who sweat a lot and are often in changing rooms and common shower rooms. Foot care creams that hygienically counteract the risk of sweat and fungus with antimicrobial active substances and support the skin's ability to protect itself with a rich care formula offer effective protection. However: It's not always a good idea to apply cream after showering, when the skin is still moist. Refreshing foot sprays with nourishing ingredients are a compatible alternative. An antifungal spray is also great for disinfecting exercise footwear. For caution is indicated: Fungi can survive for long periods in sweaty shoes.


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