Study GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream

Intensive care for dry skin - for the hydro-lipid balance

Dry skin tenses unpleasantly. It begins to form dandruff and itch or even cornifies. The skin lacks balancing lipids (fats) and rich moisture. The natural skin barrier is disturbed. There is a loss of moisture and the skin dries up. Only an interaction of moisturizing factors and skin fats creates an intact protection that allows the upper layer of the skin to regulate the water content and repel bacteria, viruses or fungi as well as other harmful substances. The skin of diabetics needs special attention. Due to their altered metabolism, skin dryness often occurs in diabetics. Without intensive and regular care, the skin might rupture. In addition to the lack of moisture, another problem occurs in diabetics: circulation disorders. Much of the skin moisture is provided by the blood circulation. If the skin is not properly supplied with blood, it lacks this moisture. GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream is a special intensive care product for dry foot skin in diabetics and prevents callus. In a study* with type 2 diabetics, various properties were identified that are useful for diabetics.

  • Available from foot specialists
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*Braun N et al. Akt Dermatol 2018, doi:10.1055/s-0043-123149


Further preventive potential especially for diabetics discovered

Achieve skin circulation-promoting effects in case of impaired peripheral skin circulation.

Dry skin may be caused by insufficient circulation. Especially diabetics are often affected by peripheral skin circulation. The six-week application of the GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream significantly improved the microcirculation of the skin due to the increase in blood flow. The result: +16 % more skin circulation.


Improve barrier stability by decreasing transepidermal water loss

Lack of moisture is usually caused by a disturbed skin barrier. This in turn is responsible for the insufficient moisture retention and deficient moisture intake. Increased moisture retention capacity and thus improved barrier properties made a reduction of the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) possible. The result: -14% less water loss.


Increase hydration with urea, algae extract and lipids

Due to the special formulation of urea (10%), algae extract and lipids, a significant increase in the moisture content of the horny layer was observed after six weeks of application. The result: +12% more moisture.


Preserve the natural perspiration capacity of the skin

In order to preserve the natural perspiration capacity of the skin, moisture should not cause any occlusive effects in order to avoid an increase in germ density. Due to the thermostable effect, the skin temperature on the soles and backs of the feet remained constant during the six-week application. The result: The perspiration capacity of the skin is preserved. 

Nourish skin even in the toe gaps

In general, diabetics are advised to be careful. Depending on the emulsion used, applying cream between the toes can cause the thin skin in this area to swell and bacteria to settle there. This is not the case with GEHWOL med Lipidro Creme. Measurements of the microflora showed that the application of the cream does not lead to an increased occurrence of bacteria between the toes. Result: the cream can also be recommended for use between the toes.


Satisfied users

However, despite the great lipid content, there is no feeling of oily skin. This is another result of the study: 96% of the users report a very good or good skin feeling. Undesirable sealing of the skin or increase in skin temperature were not found. GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream is dermatologically tested and unscented.

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