Hygiene a matter of course


Hygiene is natural The goal of hygiene is to prevent illness. Consistent hygiene keeps pathogens and microbes away. Complying with hygiene regulations and performing hygiene measures is natural for any foot specialist. After all, it's about their customers' health - and their own, too.


For sensitised consumers, however, hygiene is also part of their overall professional image. Multi-resistant germs, avian flu, Ebola, EHEC and currently COVID-19 - all of these scare stories are causing consumers to become more sensitive to infections. For this reason, hygienic work in chiropody generates, not least, a high degree of trust among customers - both in chiropody practices and in mobile chiropody.
In addition to the existing regulations and laws, recommendations and guidelines, other aspects play an important role in hygienic foot care: the equipment and the means. A high quality of materials and the details of workmanship also have a decisive effect on the success of hygiene. For this reason, attention should be paid to high-quality workmanship in the practice or mobile equipment. In addition, the design and details should allow for easy and effective hygiene. As far as the different agents are concerned, you should only choose those that are listed by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) or the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH). They stand up to official hygiene testing, which means that you can play it safe in your own practice.