Probiotic care power for stressed skin


More and more people value their ability to actively and preventively take care of their health. Whether it's a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, or exercise - we do a lot to gain strength and energy, maintain high performance, and stay healthy. For many people, this is no longer a trend, but has become a fixed part of their daily routine. Preventive measures should also include keeping the skin healthy, since it is our largest organ. It makes sure that we feel good in our skin. In balance. Let's actively look after the balance of our skin!


Skin in balance

The skin surface is coated with a film consisting of billions of microorganisms that form the natural skin flora and are decisively important to skin health. This so-called skin microbiome consists of bacteria, fungi and viruses. A healthy microbiome has a balanced ratio of a large variety of microorganisms that support an intact skin barrier. 

External influences such as frequent washing, dry heating air and unsuitable care products can impair the balance of the skin flora. This stresses the skin and reduces its ability to protect itself. It becomes more susceptible to external influences. It tends to become dry, red with a feeling of tension and may react more sensitively to external influences.

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