foot care in the winter


When temperatures drop towards zero and heaters are running constantly, it's a tough time for our feet: They turn down the thermostat - both in circulation and sweat gland activity. In cool temperatures, the blood vessels in our skin constrict. The result: cold feet and hands.

If cold feet are often a problem, use a footbath to activate circulation and regularly apply a warming foot cream with ginger and paprika extracts to heat things up. Dry, rough skin is another winter problem. Heating air particularly causes our skin to dry out. After all, air humidity is usually very low in heated rooms. So our skin quickly becomes brittle and scaly. Coarse, dry skin can no longer optimally do one of its most important jobs: the barrier function. It is no longer able to protect the body against water loss, harmful substances or microbes. This negative chain can only be interrupted with the right care: Suitable emulsions with rich care substances balance out the lack of fats and moisture, keeping the skin of the feet elastic and healthy.


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Concept of GEHWOL against cold feet

Soon it will be here again: Fall changes city and country with its bold display of colours. The seasonal change has some disadvantages for the feet, since they get cold more quickly. But GEHWOL offers warming products with a ""snuggle factor"" for the red-gold season.