GEHWOL med Express Care Foam

Noticeably well-groomed instead of dry feet - Hydro-Boost provides moisture immediately


GEHWOL med Express Care Foam was developed for the basic care of normal to dry skin. With a small amount of the high-yield foam, the feet are cared for daily, morning and evening, at express speed. GEHWOL med Express Care Foam is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy. For noticeably supple, well-groomed feet and a pleasant feeling on the skin. A good start to giving attention and appreciation to an important part of our body. GEHWOL med Express Care Foam has been dermatologically tested. It is free of parabens, silicone oils and PEG emulsifiers, as well as unscented. The product is also suitable for diabetics.

  • Available from foot specialists
  • Available in pharmacies