GEHWOL Testers' Club

GEHWOL Testers' Club

Welcome to the official GEHWOL Testers' Club! Do you care about foot care as much as we do? Do you enjoy new products and like to share your experiences with other cosmetics enthusiasts? Do you have a blog or Instagram channel? Then you came to the right place! Members of the GEHWOL Testers' Club regularly receive interesting or new products for testing, allowing them to report exclusively about novelties in the beauty world.



What are the benefits of membership in the Testers' Club?

1. Regularly receiving foot care products from GEHWOL for testing.
2. All tests are done without influencing the contents and tone.
3. Be the first to find out about new GEHWOL products.
4. Ability to exchange information about my experiences,  tips and tricks with other people who are interested in foot care.
5. Option to display your membership in the GEHWOL Testers' Club with a Testers' Club banner.
6. Regularly find out about news and novelties in the foot care scene via Twitter (@GehwolDE), Facebook (@GehwolDE) and Instagram (@gehwol_de) as well as the Testers' Club newsletter.
7. Let your readers participate in exclusive sweepstakes with other Testers' Club blogs through Testers' Club campaigns.

How to become a member of the GEHWOL Testers' Club

Please note: Unfortunately, communication is currently only possible in German, so we can only accept new interested parties from the D-A-CH region. 

1. I enjoy foot care and new care products.
2. I have my own blog, microblog (Twitter), YouTube or Instagram channel where I regularly report on beauty themes.
3. I follow GEHWOL on Twitter (@GehwolDE) and Instagram (@gehwol_de) and don't miss any news.
4. I am applying as a new member, using the
registration form.
5. I obligate myself to comply with transparency and netiquette; in other words: I openly declare under my test. reports and other publications that any products were provided to me by GEHWOL and that no agreements were made regarding the contents and tone of my reviews.

Bloggers' meeting in Lübbecke

In November 2017, the first GEHWOL Testers' Club day took place in Lübbecke. Members of the GEHWOL Testers' Club got to know the popular foot care brand and Eduard Gerlach GmbH more closely at this event. Beauty bloggers Ladylike, Rosa Woelkchen, Rehauge W and Paapatya were sincerely welcomed to the company by CEO Timor Gerlach-von Waldthausen and then listened to exciting presentations. They even got a look at the laboratory. Star guest Madametamtam shared in the meeting all day. This well-known influencer shared her experiences with blogs, videos and the structure of social media channels with the bloggers. It proved to be a well-done, sincere get-together which the participants will not soon forget.

GEHWOL Testers' Club at bloggers' events

We are also present at external bloggers' events. Following the motto of "experiencing products", you can try and test our products at the GEHWOL booth. We also have all the information about the GEHWOL Testers' Club available for you there. We also look forward to meeting our Testers' Club members in person.

In 2020, we will get together at the beautypress Social Media Events: 

on 31.10. in Düsseldorf