Committed to traditional values

One question has been central to our work since 150 years: What can we do to to give our feet more well-being? This motivation gave rise to our brand: GEHWOL. We don't find the answers to this question in the form of high-quality products, formulations that are close to nature, and innovative technologies on our own. Various components feed into the result. It is based on our values.



Gerlach sees itself as a source of inspiration for professional foot care and as a pioneer in the foot care market. The company was born from an innovation – the Foot Cream. It should continue to grow in the future through innovations for new product ideas.



At Gerlach, strict guidelines apply in the area of quality assurance. Diligent selection of raw materials, conscientiousness in the production of the products and in the testing of the finished goods ensure consistently high quality.


Loyalty to the specialist trade

By consciously choosing to sell our products through the specialist trade, Eduard Gerlach GmbH has built trust over years and maintains loyal partnerships. With its well-known brands, the company provides retailers with products that meet all the requirements of sophisticated care.


Customer focus

With its products, the company has been working "For the well-being of the feet" for 150 years and will continue to do everything in its power to keep feet healthy. Helping customers with foot problems and meeting their needs and desires is essential at Gerlach. The brands Gerlasan and Gerlavit expand the product range with body care products.


Employee orientation

Gerlach has a loyal workforce. Eduard Gerlach GmbH is the employer of people who feel connected to the company, identify with the company and the brand and live this way.


Tradition and family

Eduard Gerlach GmbH has been committed to foot health for five generations. Knowledge that has been passed on in the family has accumulated in the company for generations. Thus, the company is able to keep growing. The family idea has played and still plays an important role in the company.


Closeness to nature

In product development at Gerlach, emphasis is placed on natural ingredients and the use of essential oils. Gerlach stands for the leitmotif: Natural power for the well-being of the feet. The basis of many GEHWOL products is the best of nature. Purity and naturalness, effectiveness and durability play an important role here.