Foot Specialists

Esteem unites

Together with you for the well-being of the feet


As a partner with a long tradition, Eduard Gerlach GmbH has built up trust with the expert trade with its expertise in foot care, high-quality products, and extensive services throughout the decades and maintains loyal partnerships. With the GEHWOL and GERLACH TECHNIK brands, the company supplies the specialist trade with products that fulfil every wish for sophisticated care.

Disinfection has an important role to play in ensuring patient & self protection. With our own brand of disinfectants, you are equipped.

Clean - our rating for good! 

MERS, swine flu, Hanta - no virus has yet managed to achieve what Corona has in just a few months: a very pronounced sensitivity to hygiene. In foot care, it becomes a trademark.

Developed exclusively for you

After 80 years of experience and with consideration of the most recent research results, the specific foot care professional brand GEHWOL Fusskraft was introduced to the market in 1961. That which was then advertised in the practice for use and for the practice for sales is now the exclusive product line for professional foot care, which meets the needs of patients' feet and ensures the well-being of the feet.

It was created in 1965, as a response to the expanding service market, the GERLACH TECHNIK division. User friendliness, suitability for practical use, technical performance, ergonomics, simplicity, design and hygiene form the ideal guidelines for this.

Benefit from our experience

A Germany-wide field service team is available to you for personal advice. Sales staff can advise you on questions of practice equipment, instruct you in the handling of new devices, instruments or treatment techniques and also provide support with obligatory tasks, e.g. in the areas of hygiene, maintenance or validation of medical devices. The majority of the Gerlach specialist trade consultants as a matter of fact are trained podiatrists who, in addition to their practical work, often take training and further education tasks in schools, at trade fairs or at seminars.


Feel-good care that becomes an experience

For quick care in between, there is GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet foam. Its formula, which combines moisturizing, soft and fresh components, makes the care of feet and legs an experience.

GEHWOL Druckschutz aus Polymer-Gel

Study provides new insights

The care of dry skin is important - especially for diabetics. It helps to prevent foot problems such as diabetic foot syndrome. A study with type 2 diabetics provided new findings on GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream, which has been established on the market for years.