About us

What the keys of our success are

The company came into existence out of a vision and conviction of helping people with foot problems, making foot care accessible to everyone, building expertise in the foot care market, and creating awareness of foot care.

This vision and conviction has turned Eduard Gerlach into a pioneer of modern foot care. Vision, experience and values have been passed on at Gerlach from generation to generation. This is how Eduard Gerlach GmbH has ensured the success of the family business – for 150 years by now.


The key brand, which is still an important component of the company logo, has been with Eduard Gerlach GmbH since the company was founded. It was a great honour for the company to obtain the permission of the town administration to use the keys from the coat of arms of Lübbecke for its own trademark. Even at that time it was applied to products made by Gerlach, thus confirming the high quality of the products. On the other hand, it is an expression of the bond with the town of Lübbecke. 

The company, its employees, the deliberately chosen distribution channel through the specialized trade as well as satisfied customers, who out of conviction buy and use the products of the company, are the keys to shared success.