Sensitive formula

The Sensitive formula of GEHWOL med® Sensitive:
Protection against symptoms and infection

Highly purified microsilver (MicroSilver BG™) with deposit effect for normal skin flora:
Silver ions disturb the cell metabolism of bacteria and fungi, rendering them unable to spread and disturb the skin's natural microclimate.

Inspired by the soothing natural components of wild pistachio, this multiple award winning innovative active substance varies the skin's immune response to bacterial or allergenic stimuli, immediately stopping itching and burning skin.

SymRelief®*: The combination of organically cultivated ginger extract with bisabolol (chamomile extract) also acts in the immune reaction, rapidly stopping inflammatory messenger substances. This means up to 49 percent less redness within only two days.

*registered trademark of Symrise AG, Germany.


MicroSilver BG forms deposits in the skin relief without penetrating the skin.

Redness is an inflammatory skin reaction to bacterial or allergenic stimuli.

Improved skin appearance after care with a cream containing MicroSilver BG.