GEHWOL med Sensitive

Sensitive skin needs special care


Itching, burning and redness are signs of sensitive skin which tends to become inflamed. The natural skin barrier is disturbed. Bacteria, fungi and allergens are more easily able to penetrate the skin. The skin is irritated and reacts with irritation. It needs regular care and protection.



GEHWOL med® Sensitive
Care and protection for sensitive skin. Not just on the feet.


GEHWOL med® Sensitive offers this specialized skin care with its triple active protection. The cream protects the natural skin barrier with skin-identical ceramides and almond oil. It moisturizes the skin and enriches it with lipids (fats). This stabilizes the skin's resistance. The use of highly purified, nano-free microsilver (MicroSilver BGTM) regenerates the skin's microflora. The silver forms deposits in the skin relief without penetrating the skin. The Sensitive formula protects against symptoms and infections. The cream counteracts the excessive spread of bacteria. Itching and skin burning are relieved and redness is reduced. The formulation contains no parabens, scents, PEG emulsifiers or silicone oils. GEHWOL med® Sensitive is also suitable for therapy-supporting care in neurodermatitis, foot and nail fungus. The cream is also suitable for diabetics.

  • Available from foot specialists
  • Available at pharmacies