A good foot care is not only a question of aesthetics, it prevents serious consequential damages by proper treatment & advice of your pharmacist.


The keys of shared success


By consciously choosing to distribute our products through the specialist trade, we have built trust over many years and maintain a loyal partnership. With the GEHWOL brand, we give you products that fulfil every wish for sophisticated care. We want only the best for our customers.

Ein Extra an Feuchtigkeit und Lipiden

An extra of moistrure and lips

GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream is suitable for diabetics. It improves moisturizing capacity and the skin's natural barrier properties. Skin moisture increases, and transepidermal water loss decreases. This was now confirmed in a new study. Other notable results were also found.


GEHWOL med Express Pflege-Schaum

Bubbling source of pure moisture

Hiking on green, juicy mosses, suddenly washed by rushing waters: That's how it feels when good things happen to the feet – in this case, the feeling of pure express care! The new GEHWOL med Express foam does this splendidly.

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