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The LEG VITALITY CREAM with avocado and algae re-energize heavy, stressed legs and reinvigorates tired feet.

• Non-greasy, rapidly absorbed moisturizing cream.

• The formula with vitamin E acetate prevents premature skin aging, leaving the skin smooth and supple

• Witch hazel and bisabolol provide skin-soothing, tightening and irritation-relieving effects

• Farnesol deodorizes and protects against foot fungus

Tip: A light leg massage promotes the invigorating effects.

Skin type
  • dry skin
  • normal skin
  • sensitive skin
  • scaly skin
Active substance
  • avocado oil
  • algae extracts
  • vitamin E acetate
  • allantoin
  • bisabolol
  • hamamelis
  • farnesol

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