Foot care device TITAN

STRONG at your side

Elephants are the titans of land animals on earth and the last remaining representatives of the proboscidean family. They reach shoulder heights of 2.1 to 3.7 meters. It seems all the more remarkable that the pachyderms leave hardly any tracks in the sand and literally walk on "silent soles". This is due to the fact that elephants only weigh 80 grams per square centimeter on the soles of their feet.

There is something else that makes these animals, which are still so little studied, remarkable: their trunk. It consists of 40,000 muscles. Elephants smell, feel, touch, carry, eat and pull with this highly sensitive sensory organ. It is also used as a weapon and can lift up to 350 kilograms. The trunk manages to suck in up to eight liters of water in one go. The elephant squirts it back into its mouth to drink or blows it over its back to cool and refresh itself in hot weather.

The titan of wild animals has strong parallels with another titan: the new suction device from GERLACH TECHNIK. The strikingly quiet foot care device has a high suction power. The Titan is a strong partner.

Low noise, powerful performance, highest hygiene standards paired with timeless design and intuitive operation and make the foot care device, medical device class IIa, a real innovation. The strong partner at your side accompanies your daily work routine professionally and makes it more relaxed and calm.



Low noise level

Strikingly quiet even when in full operation. A relaxed atmosphere for you and your customers.


Powerful performance

High extraction performance and consistently high power in all speed ranges.


Highest hygiene standards

Innovative design with continuous glass front and slider touch operation. For particularly hygienic cleaning.

Discover the strengths of your new partner in this videoTechnical details about the TITAN foot care device can be found here.