dry skin and callus


Dry skin tenses often unpleasantly. It begins to form dandruff and itch. What the skin lacks does it good: balancing lipids (fats) and moisture. Fat and moisture are the components that account for the skin's natural hydrolipid balance.

When this balance is disturbed, more moisture evaporates, and the skin dehydrates. Intensive moisture care is also needed when there is excess callus. In most cases, excessive strain on affected skin areas is what causes too much callus to form. The constant pressure stimulates the skin to form more callus. Intensive moisturizing care loosens the cell compound, quickly allowing natural callus to recover. Small cracks in the callus are another problem. This can be treated with special creams for cracked skin that loosen the callus layer, and also help the cracks to close with disinfecting active substances that activate healing processes.

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