Seminar Active Ingredients in Practice by the GEHWOL Academy

Online seminar "Active substances in practice from the GEHWOL Academy (3FP)"


Applied in every treatment and in the best case given to the patient: The use of skin care products with a wide variety of active ingredients is part of the podiatrist's daily work. They are offered in a wide variety of dosage forms and galenic preparations and are used in practice as a matter of course.

But why are there so many dosage forms and how are they created in the first place? Dr. Andreas Fitzner, Head of Research and Development at Eduard Gerlach GmbH will clarify these questions. This will be followed by an overview of the various active ingredients, ranging from tried-and-tested oils to classics and innovations. What possibilities do the individual active substances offer in detail? When are they indicated and what is their mode of action on and in the skin? Joana Weingärtner, head of the GEHWOL Academy, will discuss these questions with you.

The aim of the training is to explain to therapists what is important when selecting the dosage form and active ingredient for certain skin changes of different genesis, so that patients can be offered a sensible and comprehensible care concept.