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Concept F3 - ergonomics in their most beautiful form.

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Optically very attractive foot care chair with high seating comfort in the best German production quality. This foot care chair is also highly suitable for cosmetic treatments. Maximum foot height (working height) 137 cm Arm rests rotate by 180 degrees (for cosmetic treatments while lying face down), moving synchronously with the back rest. Equipped with 3 motors to adjust the following: 1. Seat height from 52 cm to 92 cm 2. Seat angle adjustment (Trendelenbourg) – 3 to 26 degrees 3. Back rest adjustment from 180 to 108 degrees The chair is operated with generously dimensioned, water-tight, hygienic foot controls. NEW! With electromechanical locking brake, comfortably and easily operated with the foot switch. With home and reset functions. Hand controls also optionally available. The chair rotates by 90 degrees to the right and left. Chair equipment: 1. Standard – with one-piece, flexibly adjustable leg and foot rests. Pull-out: min. 36 cm, max. 76 cm. 2. Premium - with a two-piece, independently of each other via two separate carriages pull-out leg and foot rests. The foot rest additionally rotates for stable heel positioning. Pull-out: min. 36 cm, max. 76 cm. Outward leg rest adjustment 70 degrees each, for comfortable patient entry and exit. Castor system for easy movement of the entire chair. Better cleaning options for your practice. Incl. neck rest TUNDRA cover material.

Brand GERLACH Technik

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