Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene
"A 2018 study by the SRH College in Heidelberg revealed that women wash their hands more thoroughly and more often than men. 11 per cent of men don't wash their hands at all after using the restroom, and nearly half do not use any soap. On the other hand, 82 per cent of women use water and soap, and only three per cent omit hand washing. Approximately 1000 visitors to public restrooms in fast food restaurants, park areas, cafeterias and around the train station were observed in the Heidelberg region. Accordingly, women are doing better than men, but that's only half the truth. Across both genders, 27 per cent only washed their hands with water. 58 per cent of the observed persons who used soap and water were not sufficiently thorough. This has surely changed now, since hand hygiene is currently more important than ever before. Hand-washing and hand disinfection are essential
Washing your hands • Use enough soap • Lather the hands for at least 30 seconds • Rinse off soap
Disinfecting your hands • Apply hand disinfectant to dry hands until the hands are completely wetted* • Rub all skin areas for at least 30 seconds*, especially the fingertips and thumbs • Do not wash the hands after disinfecting *Note the manufacturer's information about the disinfectant (such as exposure time and amount)
Apply hand skin care product • Use a cream with sufficient lipids and moisture after every hand washing • Start with the back of the hand, distribute on the fingers, and massage in • Also include the fingernails and cuticles • Finally, apply cream to the palms and also, if possible, to the lower arms. Download the hand hygiene plan for your practice here.