GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream

GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Creme - The secret of healthy skin lies in the moor

The mystical strength of the moor invigorates your body. This is also reflected in  GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream with the use of moor plant extract.


Moorlands are home to a plethora of animal and plant species. The crucial characteristic of the moorlands is its outstanding ability to regulate moisture naturally, which protects flora and fauna from drying out. The ecosystem is an expert in longevity as well as at resisting damaging influences of the modern age. We can be exposed to negative environmental influences and hectic schedules in our daily lives as well, which can stress our skin, leaving it sensitive and dry. Keeping your skin healthy and natural is especially important to us. Which is why the new GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream was intentionally formulated without parabens, perfume, silicone or paraffin oils, for naturally beautiful skin.

  • Available from chiropodists   
  • Available in pharmacies
  • Available in cosmetic institutes

GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream are rich in premium vitamins. With a composition of bog plant extract, vitamins and nourishing oils, the cream moisturises, regenerates the natural skin barrier and makes the skin more supple and resistant.

Recommendation for use

For filled moisture depots as well as smooth and delicately groomed skin, apply GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream to cleansed skin in the morning and evening. GERLAVIT Moor Vitamin Cream is dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.