Petition reopening pedicure practices

Petition: Equal rights for foot care pros to re-open on 04/05/2020!

It's done! Together with all supporters of the foot care sector, here and elsewhere in the network, we were able to generate quite a bit of attention. The importance of foot care is meanwhile recognized in both the medical and cosmetic fields. Foot care pros are meanwhile permitted to resume work in all of Germany - subject to mandatory requirements.

Timor v. Waldthausen would like to offer his sincere thanks for the valuable support of the petition with your signatures or by passing it on to family, acquaintances and friends - personally or via social media.

Our feet are the foundation of our lives

Foot health plays a decisive role for overall health. We need our feet every day and for innumerable activities such as shopping, in the household, when driving, during sports etc.. Many people need help to do foot care, trim their nails or remove callus due to their age or physical problems. Without seeing a specialist, many customers would scarcely be able to walk in a relaxed manner or without pain. Podology is part of the specialized medical professions. Podologists are therefore still able to do some of their work, but customers who don't have a prescription cannot be treated even by a podologist. Foot care pros, who also do important foot care work, are currently not allowed to work at all due to the ongoing situation.


Jobs will be lost if the foot care sector is not allowed to work after 03 May 2020.

This will be a major challenge for many, and some may lose their business. Especially if the foot care sector is again not allowed to work after 03 May 2020. Based on the current situation, this may be the case.

Equal treatment with other occupational groups such as hairdressers, who will likely be able to open again as of 04 May 2020, does not apply here. The exception rule may apply to foot care pros as well, only in Bavaria. At least the Bavarian premier announced the possibility of reopening with requirements on16 April as of 04 May 2020 for hairdressers and foot care pros. This unequal treatment compared to colleagues in the same type of occupation in other federation states would be even less comprehensible.

Each voice is important - participate in our petition!

We feel obligated to ask you to support this petition so that the federal government may reevaluate the situation and uniformly allow foot care pros to re-open. Each voice is important for the future of foot specialists! Make your voice heard herehier and stay STRONG TOGETHER with us!


Existences are threatened if the foot care service sector is not allowed to work. Give your vote & stay together with us COMMON STRONG!
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