GEHWOL foot care trends 2022

Foot care is sexy

Beautiful and well-groomed feet are simply part of a smart appearance! Or are they? How important is foot care to people in Germany? How satisfied are they with the condition of their feet, what motivates them to take care of them, what foot problems do they have and what measures do they take? GEHWOL Foot Care Trends has some answers. This representative online survey of 1,000 men and women in Germany aged 16 and over gathers years of fascinating data on German foot care awareness, as well as care motivations.


In Germany, foot care isn't just on the older generation's agenda anymore. Instead, GEHWOL Foot Care Trends reveals: Foot care is becoming a lifestyle. Foot problems, of course, still motivate people to take care of their feet. But there are also many other types of care. For example, health-conscious care enthusiasts rarely have problems with their feet. Clearly, preventive care is their main focus. Just like exercise or a balanced diet, it's part of a healthy lifestyle. Risk-conscious preventers, by contrast, often struggle with skin problems. Which is why continuous prevention is a high priority for them. Meanwhile, self-care enthusiasts want to do what is best for themselves and associate foot care with a positive body feeling. And then there are those who focus on beauty. For them, foot care is mainly about keeping their feet and legs presentable.

Foot care rituals are popular

More than half of Germans use foot care rituals for personal relaxation. Well-groomed feet also play a role in existing or prospective relationships - for both men and women. Regardless of whether you're single or in a partnership: Most people are repelled by neglected feet. Along with lifestyle, solving problems and preventive care, foot care is one thing above all: sexy. Even "foot care nihilists" will agree. GEHWOL Foot Care Trends applies this term to people who consider foot care too time-consuming. They mainly take care of their feet to be attractive to their partner. At least they do it!


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