First #GTCUnboxing event for the GEHWOL tester club

First #GTCUnboxing event for the GEHWOL Testers' Club


3-2-1-Zoom! On May 28 at 7pm sharp, the very first #GTC-Unboxing Event of the GEHWOL Testers' Club opened. The club includes 340 beauty bloggers and Instagrammers who are active as GEHWOL brand messengers in the social web. 113 members of the community had responded to our newsletter call and registered for the Zoom video conference. In the first step, the testers received secret mail: a parcel, which, however, they were only permitted at the start of the show on 28 May.

Punctually at 7pm, the Zoom waiting room was opened for the shared unboxing. Participants were greeted by Agnese Cuccarano, head of Marketing, and Frauke Thunack from product development. The rules were quickly explained again, and then everyone unpacked together. Out came our newest creation, the probiotic balance care series. Everyone immediately tried the products, used the dispensers, sniffed the creams, evaluated the skin feel and made their first Instagram posts right away. After the initial tryout, participants listened closely to the information presented by Agnese Cuccarano and Frauke Thunack about the active ingredients, design and positioning of this new care series for stressed skin. In between, the Zoomers were able to participate in surveys, exchange information in the chat, and use hand signs to have their microphone activated for questions. What is the response to the scent and design, why does the word balance on the package have a raised C, for which uses would more products make sense, what is the minimalistic approach of the series about - the testers' club members had many questions and at least that many ideas. Finally, all participants agreed: Thumbs up for a successful lockdown event! Click here to view the video of the event!