Sporty GEHWOL Tester Club

The GEHWOL Tester Club

Welcome to the sporty side of the GEHWOL tester club. You like hiking or running and you know how important it is to pay attention to what we wear? You enjoy sharing your experiences about foot care products and foot care with others? Do you have a blog or a social media channel? Then you've come to the right place. As a member of the GEHWOL Tester Club, you will regularly receive information about topics that interest you, as well as new and exciting products to test. This way, you can report exclusively on new products to the sports scene.


This is how sporty people check their feet!

Whether hiking or jogging, nothing works without feet. The sporty members of the GEHWOL Tester Club therefore wanted to know how hiking enthusiasts and running fans care for their feet, how they prepare themselves and what their preferences are.


Pedicure & sport: What you should know!

It is certain that sport is part of a healthy lifestyle. However, depending on the type of physical exercise, its exaggeration can lead to foot problems. Especially for athletes, foot care should therefore not be missing in everyday training.


What are the advantages of being a member of the GEHWOL Tester Club?


1. I regularly receive foot care products from GEHWOL for testing.
2. All tests are carried out without influencing the content and tenor.
3. I am the first to hear about new GEHWOL products.
4. Together with other foot care enthusiasts, I can share my experiences, tips and tricks.
5. Via a GEHWOL Testerclub logo, I can display my membership in the club.
6. Via Twitter (@GehwolDE), Facebook (@GehwolDE) and Instagram (@gehwol_de) as well as the Tester Club newsletter, I regularly receive news from the foot care scene.
7. Via promotions in the Tester Club, I can enter my readers in exclusive competitions together with other blogs in the Tester Club.


How to become a member of the GEHWOL Testerclub

Please note: Unfortunately, communication is currently only possible in German, so we can only accept new interested parties from the D-A-CH region. 

1. I consider sports and foot care to be important.
2. I enjoy testing foot care products for the community.
3. I have my own blog, microblog (Twitter), YouTube, Facebook or Instagram channel where I regularly report on sports topics.
4. I apply to become a new member using the registration form.
5. I commit myself to transparency and netiquette, i.e. I openly declare under my test reports and other contributions that any products were provided to me by GEHWOL and that no agreement was made beyond that regarding the content and tenor of my reviews.