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This is what the members of the GEHWOL Testers' Club write about our products and services. Firsthand beauty themes, inspiration and worthwhile knowledge.


snupelathome reports

Blogger snupelathome really likes the subtle fragrance and consistency of GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Creme. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling.


wirtestenes reports

In our last #GTCRangezoomt, wirtestenes learned how important regular foot care is for diabetics. Now she introduces the GEHWOL med Sensitive and the GEHWOL med Express care foam.


_enkagart_ reports

Especially when her hormones go a little crazy, _enkahart_ gets cracked heels. The blogger explains in her post how blown away she is by the GEHWOL med. chapped heel ointment. 


lindaras_joylegance reports

Lindaras_joylegance is thrilled with the GEHWOL med Express Care Foam. It is nice and fluffy, absorbs quickly and cares!


ennasustto reports

The unscented GEHWOL med Lipidro cream provides lasting intensive care for dry to very dry skin and ensures a balance of oil and moisture. Ennasustto introduces the intensive care to her followers.


einhornule_testet reports

After her product test, blogger einhornule_testet recommends the GEHWOL med. lipidro cream for dry foot skin to her followers. 

Linasophies Testwelt

Linasophies Testwelt reports

The blogger Linasophies Testwelt reports that many people do not pay enough attention to the care of their feet. Yet they carry us through life every day. As a new tester club member, she tested the GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet range from her welcome package.


testing_mummy reports

Testing_mummy is delighted - she is one of the four winners of the GEHWOL Fancy Feet Challenge. In addition to a gift voucher for the fast-paced Starlight Express musical, she won a package with selected GEHWOL products. 


Wiggersworld reports

Wiggersworld tackled an important topic in her two-part blog post. The blogger learned a lot about diabetes in an exciting interview with GEHWOL podiatrist Joana Weingärtner. In her blog, she shares this information with her community.


beautyblog reports

After testing the product package from our last #GTCRangezoomt, beautyblog2208 introduces the care concept of the GEHWOL med. series. She also reveals that GEHWOL med. Sensitive is her personal favourite.