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This is what the members of the GEHWOL Testers' Club write about our products and services. Firsthand beauty themes, inspiration and worthwhile knowledge.


Icefeetestet reports

Icefeetestet and her husband are thrilled. They have tested GEHWOL med. Sensitive. The cream is quickly absorbed, the skin is soothed and feels pleasantly soft.


sb_fckimi reports

On 02.07.2022, blogger sb_fckimi participated in the #GTCRangezoomt on the topic of active ingredients. She introduces her community to the colourful mix of products that were included in her surprise package. 


product_tester_90 reports

product_testerin_90 is a new member of the GEHWOL tester club and introduces her followers to the GEHWOL FUSSKREAFT Soft Feet Foam. She particularly likes the scent of the foam!


tanjas.welt reports

Blogger tanjas.welt has been using GEHWOL FUSSKAFT Soft Feet Peeling in the shower for years. Afterwards, she continues to care for her feet with a cream.


product_tester_90 reports

Product_testerin_90 likes to take a footbath while sitting on the couch and watching series. Her boyfriend has also acquired a taste for it. The GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet care bath is a must.


Sinfully expensive reports

Blogger Sündhaft-Teuer participated in the #GTCRangezoomt active ingredients and reports about it on her blog. In addition to a small ABC of active ingredients, there is a small tip for refreshed feet - GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Mint.


Pidufoswelt reports

A few years ago, Pidufoswelt's beautician recommended GEHWOL Foot Powder and GEHWOL Nourishing Foot Spray to her. Since then, these products have become an integral part of her summer care routine.


Producttestlounge reports

Not only produkttestlounge is happy about the GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Peeling from her surprise package. Her hubby also uses the peeling regularly.


Einhornule_testet reports 

Blogger einhornule_testet reports about the GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Hydrolipid Lotion. It provides her skin with moisture and is not greasy.


Charlys_Testwelt reports

Charlys_Testwelt likes the GEHWOL Soft Feet Lotion. The consistency is nice and creamy and the result is impressive - well-groomed legs and nice smelling feet.