GEHWOL foot care trends 2018/19

Those who consider foot care important are closer to themselves


The GEHWOL Foot Care Trends are based on a representative online survey conducted by GfK Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung among 1,000 women and men in Germany aged 18 and over. The survey aims to determine foot care awareness in Germany and to find out what motivates people to use foot care and what foot care measures are taken. In addition, the satisfaction of Germans with the condition of their feet is determined. In this context, the trends provide an overview of the distribution of common foot problems. A further complex of questions is devoted to shoe purchasing. Which aspects are taken into account when buying shoes provides information about the relevance of beautiful, well-groomed and healthy feet in the opinion of Germans.



Most Germans (93%) want to have healthy feet. Paradoxically, however, this does not mean that foot care has the same importance: Not everyone considers it part of personal hygiene, and only just under half of those surveyed consider it important or very important. Many people only notice their feet when they cause them problems. Yet even "functioning" feet are exposed to great stress in everyday life. They are forced into uncomfortable shoes, hurry from meeting to meeting or from patient to patient. In stressful times, it is therefore especially important to take good care of yourself and your feet and to schedule enough time for your own needs. This is not easy for everyone. It is striking that people who do not consider foot care to be important tend to put this aspect on the back burner. 61% of foot care grouches pay only partial or even no attention to their own needs. The 20 to 49 year olds often have a similar attitude. In this age group, working life usually plays a very large role, which could be an important factor here. Nevertheless, one's own body signals should always be heeded. But the proportion who don't give it a second thought is more than twice as high among both men and grooming grouches as it is among foot care fans. After all, just under three-quarters of 18- to 19-year-olds take their body's signals seriously. 72% even take the time for regular spa moments. That's more than in any other age group. With increasing age, the desire for wellness decreases again. Nevertheless, the proportion of those who consider foot care important and take time for wellness is significantly higher than the proportion of foot care grouches with a need for spa.

At the same time, the "self-care" aspect is becoming increasingly important. After all, people who feel good and treat themselves well generally also have a stronger sense of self-confidence. But an older age - and thus more life experience - also has a positive effect on this. The proportion of self-confident people is also greater within the group of foot care fans. If you want to stand with both feet in life, you just need a good basis for it.