GERLASAN hand disinfection 75 ml

Ready-to-use alcohol-based disinfectant for hygienic hand and skin disinfection
Description • VAH-listed• dermatologically tested• very good skin compatibility• no additives• extremely short exposure times• bactericidal, tuberculocidal, limited virucidal efficacy. Type of use:Ready-to-use alcohol-based disinfectant for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands. For control of harmful organisms, dermatologically tested. Notes on use:For hygienic hand disinfection, rub hands with 3 mL of solution and keep wet according to the exposure times listed below. For surgical hand disinfection, rub handsand forearms with solution and keep wet according to the exposure times listed below.For a cooling compress, use solution diluted with equal parts of water.
Brand Gerlasan
Product category / classification biocide

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