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Eltra® disinfectant full washing detergent

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Description Disinfectant full washing detergent Wash, bleach and disinfect in a single step Takes full effect at 60 degrees. Washes, bleaches and disinfects simultaneously Outstanding washing power at only 60 °C Removes stains while preserving fibers Biologically active against protein and starches Equally good washing results in hard and soft water Listed for chemothermal laundry disinfection at 60 °C, 70 °C and 80 °C as per § 18:1 lfSG (Infectious Diseases Act) (RKI) or VAH (laundry disinfection as per the RKI/VAH when complying with the below mentioned process parameters) For biocidal use for disinfecting washes of white and colour textiles made from pure cotton, mixed materials and synthetics such as hospital laundry, practice laundry, nursing home laundry, textiles from other hygiene-sensitive areas and professional wear from kitchens and food processing, moist-wipable covers from hospitals For all washing machines, temperature and water hardness ranges

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