Alpro Starterset WL-dry

Description WL-dry for fast drying and to support cleaning of hollow-bodied instruments such as dental turbines, handpieces and angled components, internally cooled instruments, endoscopes or air scalers after using WL-clean/WL-cid WL-dry contains fluoridated greenhouse gas: R1234ze Application area Removal of cleaning, disinfection and care product residues and drying of spray canals and internal surfaces. WL-cid for internal disinfection of medical and dental hollow-bodied instruments such as turbines, handpieces and angled components after non-protein-fixing pre-cleaning with WL-clean. WL-cid is a class II b medicinal product. Disinfection performance was proven by assessments according to the requirements catalogue of the VAH/DGHM for instrument disinfection under conditions similar to practices, on the instruments. virucidal (WL-clean + WL-cid in combination) in the carrier test 2012 Polio = high level = fully virucidal according to the RKI Tested according to surface and instrument disinfection criteria and in the practice test with test dirt as per DIN EN ISO/TS 15883-5 Active substance solution VAH/DGHM certified WL-clean for non-protein-fixing internal cleaning before disinfection/sterilization of medical and dental hollow-bodied instruments such as turbines, handpieces and angled components, internally cooled instruments and endoscopes. WL-clean is a class I medicinal product. Confirmation of suitability for cleaning was provided in adaptation of the standards series DIN ISO 15883 and the specifications of the DGSV – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung (German Association for Sterile Goods Treatment) and is confirmed by an assessment. Please ensure suitable adapters and the newest procedure instructions!
Lieferumfang je 2 × 500 ml WL-clean und WL-cid, 2 × 300 ml WL-dry

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