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NASPAN brace for correction set, small

Uniquely simple and effective.

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  • NASPAN brace for correction set, small
Description The NASPAN® Platinum brace from GERLACH TECHNIK Applying nail braces is easier than ever. The Naspan® Platinum brace from GERLACH TECHNIK sets new standards. It is ready to use with a few steps and can be quickly applied to the affected nail in this manner. This novel development is still a hidden champion. But its self-regulating properties and outstanding effects give it true star potential. All advantages at a glance: - applied in seconds - little rework needed - nails show improvements after only a few days Naspan is a Slovenian word which means "well rested". For the Naspan® Platinum brace from GERLACH TECHNIK, it means that the brace is thoroughly developed. It was developed entirely within the industry. Podologists Inge Radojicic and Norbert Cohrs had the idea, and jointly developed the Naspan over several years with Hermann Bürtlmair. The protected product was extensively tested. "We intensively tested the new brace for nine months", Norbert Cohrs explains. It is very easy to handle and saves an enormous amount of time in everyday foot care. We achieved outstanding results with it. This is due to its intelligent construction. The Naspan®-Platinum is completely pre-made. It's not necessary to specifically bend the hooks with pliers. It is only necessary to rework the hooks and segments in isolated cases. The brace is made out of a single piece which is shaped as a sinus curve, resulting in a unique reset and lever effect. There are different sizes for the various nails. To choose the correct fit, first measure the nail. It's not necessary to take an imprint. The brace can be stretched by 1-3 millimetres while it is being applied. Once it is set, it automatically returns to its original size. „The Naspan® Platinum basically regulates itself and adjusts to the nail“, inventor Norbert Cohrs states. Consequently no activation or twisting is required, as in other braces. Applying the brace is easy and painless, even in problematic areas. Use of the Naspan® Platinum is reserved to qualified podologists, foot care pros and doctors. Participating in a seminar is recommended. GERLACH TECHNIK offers this world novelty as a set. The brace is completely pre-made. You need no other instruments to use the Naspan® Platinum. Any required reworking such as shortening the hooks or removing burrs can be done with instruments that you already have.
Brand GERLACH Technik
Product category / classification medical device

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