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GERLACH foot care case mobile foot-clinic

The new, especially light case generation, only weighing approx. 2.9 kg.

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Description Especially large stowing room for the required instruments in foot care. All instruments such as grinding tools, grinding bodies, sterilised instruments, bandage materials etc. can be stored in differently sized, tightly closing boxes in a hygienic and safe manner. Arranged in a manner which provides a good overview, this case offers the right prerequisites for simple foot care which is comfortable for you. The changeable boxes allow changes to an instrument resupply which can be left in the vehicle. An easily swingable aluminium standing foot ensures that the case will stand firmly. This narrowly built case can be carried on the body particularly well. The foot care suction device TRITON AT MICRO and the foot care spray device NEPTUN NT MICRO which were built especially for this case, ideally complement this mobile foot care case. Perfect hygiene and optimal work processes in a new dimension are the special attributes of this case for foot care home visits.
Brand GERLACH Technik

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