Categories Products GERLACH Technik Rotating Instruments Capped Grinders & Rubber Carrier SK 16 RF replaceable cap fine, blue

Replaceable cap Ø 16 mm, round blue

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Description New technology The new grinding cap's highly modern technology makes it much more effective than comparable instruments. Result: Callus removal is much faster and gentler. It leaves behind beautifully smooth, soft skin. Working with the blue grinding cap requires very little pressure. There is less stress on the treated skin area - which is good for the patient. The anti-adhesive effect ensures that very little skin residue adheres to the cap surface. Even large quantities of callus can be removed without cumbersome and time-consuming tool changes. The grinding cap carrier provides a high-precision fit for the grinding cap. The cap remains reliably affixed to the carrier during the treatment. When required, it is easy to remove and change. Please note that the CE conformity of the cap is only maintained if you use it with a CE-conforming carrier. Other advantages: Simpler, faster treatment The utilized corundum grain in three grades of fineness is much more effective than comparable tools. Gentler use The grinding cap only requires little pressure. Work is less fatiguing. The skin is less stressed. Anti-adhesive effect The anti-adhesive effect prevents cumbersome and unhygienic clogging of the cap surface with skin residue.
Brand GERLACH Technik
Package contents 10 pieces
Product category / classification medical device

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